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Grading on a curve

I once scored a 16 on a test in freshman Chemistry in college. The dumb freshman chemistry, the one for business majors. Not the one for engineers. Here's the course description:

"1016: INTRODUCTION TO CHEMISTRY - For students enrolled in curricula other than science or engineering. Chemical principles applied to material, environmental, and life sciences."

If I'd scored a 20, I'd have passed. But I didn't because I answered the question "On your honor, did you attend the optional lecture discussed in class?" Like a dope, I said no. The prof subtracted 4 points. He was an ass.


Nice. Okay, one summer I took Human Nutrition to satisfy a science requirement. I went to ZERO classes, showed up for the midterm and final, and managed to pass. Thank GOD for prior knowledge.

High school chemistry: went to class, wore hood to conceal walkman, read nothing, told everyone I read nothing, set the curve on all the tests.

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