Stupid people are great fodder

I love stupid people because they let me yell wildly. First, I’m addicted to Newlyweds. I can’t NOT watch. Jessica Simpson is so great. I thought she must be acting, but there’s no way. Even if I had been attracted to her before, she’s too stupid to keep a reasonable man’s interest. That doesn’t stop me from watching because that show is crack for superior people like me.

In between pitching changes in tonight’s Red Sox-Yankees game, I watched Wheel of Fortune. The woman who was in control of The Wheel kept guessing on the puzzle, getting each letter correct. She had $5,000 and one covered letter. She didn’t know what that letter was so she spun again and landed on the jackpot. That was $8,950 if she could solve it after guessing the last letter.

Allow me to repeat that she only had to guess the last letter. Everything else was uncovered. With heavy uncertainty, she asked for a “G”. There was no “G”.

The answer as shown was “All work and no play-do_”. Granted, the answer is stupid, but what the hell is “All work and no play-doG”? That’s ignorant.