Get up and go

Ummmmm… Guess what happened last night? I know this will shock everyone, but I got trapped in the bathroom again.

Really, this is getting ridiculous. Because it’s been a little while, I thought I was past the point of relapse. As you may remember from the second time this happened, it was only three days after the first occurrence. This time, I managed to evade capture for 8 days since incident number three.

I’m amazed that this continues to happen. Questions mount without explanation… Why am I shutting the door when I have the master bedroom in my house? How do I become so disoriented in such a short span of time? What is behind this debacle?

After being snared for the third time, I wake up and mentally talk to myself when I get up in the night. Where am I? What time is it? Questions like that. It’s helped, until last night.

My only memory is standing in my bathroom during the night, with no clue where I was. Granted this is an improvement because I was on my feet. Unlike the past, my first was “Unbelievable. I’m trapped. Again!”. At least some part of me has a clue that I need to defend myself from my incoherent sleepy adventures.

When I realized that I was trapped again, I determined to figure out where I was. My bathroom is tiny, so even though I shouldn’t get trapped, I should at least be able to decipher my location within the confined space with little trouble. Last night, I hit a bonus on my first attempt.

There are two towel racks in my bathroom, but one set of screws holding one of the towel racks came loose. The hole was worn out to a size larger than the screw, so the hook fell off, with the bar sliding after it. That left this in my wall:

I had no idea how I was going to fix this.

My plan is to fix it, but I’ve been very slow for two reasons. First, the Phillies are on TV this week. Second, I’ve never fixed a wall before. From this mini-home-improvement, I’ve learned the joy of spackle. So this is what that side of the towel rack looks like now:

I've spackled this thing three times.  Because it's fun.

But I digress. That leaves one part of the towel rack still attached to the wall. When I was standing in the bathroom and knew that I was trapped again, I determined to figure out where I was. With a little luck, I leaned back and the towel hook poked my in the spine.

Eureka! The door was on my left. I reached out my hand and found the knob immediately. Opening the door, I escaped and went back to bed. My only thought was that I had a savior, which allowed me to write this today. Here it is:

Maybe I shouldn't finish fixing the towel rack...

My towel rack may have saved my life. Procrastination rocks!

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