Escalators are not hard to use

I live in the Washington, DC metro area. We’re importing idiots by the millions. I’ll give an example of my biggest DC pet peeve.
I hate people who don’t know how to use an escalator. These idiots walk up to the escalator, put their hand on the moving rail, look down, see the steps moving, then nearly fall over because their hand is moving.
It’s not hard, people. Pay attention. Here’s the instructions: walk onto it like it’s the sidewalk. It’ll do the rest because technology is great.
I also want to offer an honorable mention to the people who walk up the escalator to the top, then stop walking before it ends so that their slow brain can process how to get off the wild ride. You people are the best.

Grading on a curve

I once scored a 16 on a test in freshman Chemistry in college. The dumb freshman chemistry, the one for business majors. Not the one for engineers. Here’s the course description:

“1016: INTRODUCTION TO CHEMISTRY – For students enrolled in curricula other than science or engineering. Chemical principles applied to material, environmental, and life sciences.”

If I’d scored a 20, I’d have passed. But I didn’t because I answered the question “On your honor, did you attend the optional lecture discussed in class?” Like a dope, I said no. The prof subtracted 4 points. He was an ass.