Ivan Drago, Civics Teacher

I tried reading The Corner for a short period of time, last year I think. I couldn’t take the absurdity, so I now let others do the heavy lifting for me. This time, via Andrew Sullivan, Kathryn Jean Lopez offers a prime example of what I can only hope is an attempt at witty sarcasm. I fear it’s self-parody.

A totally crazy Saturday-morning thought: Wouldn’t George W. Bush make an awesome high-school government teacher? Wouldn’t it be something if his post-presidential life would up being that kind of post-service service? How’s that for a model? Who needs Harvard visiting chairs and high-end lectures? How about Crawford High? (Or wherever?) Reach out and touch the young before they are jaded, or break them of the cynicism pop culture and possibly their parents have passed down to them. Whatever you think of President Bush, he’s a likable guy in love with his country with some history and experience to share.

Forget the insane part, if you can. Rather, consider what this says about her understanding of conservatism as it should be practiced in America today. Family matters most, it’s the building block of society, etc. We don’t want (liberal) propaganda from our educators replacing teaching in the home. Oh, wait, except where teaching in the home strays from what family should teach, as defined by… Kathryn Jean Lopez. Then it’s good to have Right knowledge pushed on our children by someone more knowing. If we can farm out that work to George W. Bush, it’s a win-win all around.

Post Script: By now the title should be obvious, but if our teachers must break our children, I guess we’ll need a cage match between George W. Bush and Rocky Balboa to find out who is best qualified to be Civics-Teacher-in-Chief. Since they’re both superheroes, they’ll, of course, duel to a tie. That leaves Drago with the chutzpah to take charge.

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