Sleep Deprivation is fun

Recently, I’ve been working crazy hours. I’m new to the long hours since I’m new to the project. My co-worker has been here longer, having worked the previous 25 days leading into the Labor Day weekend. We’ve started another that will be 25 days.

Last week, we had a wonderful conversation about whether or not it would be possible to parachute the conference room table out the window, down 11 floors, and have it stay in one piece so that we could eat dinner on it. Our conclusion: it’s possible, but if we’re going to the trouble, we might as well make it remote controlled so we can put the table where we want it.

We followed that up last night with the decision, not yet implemented, to throw gummy bears off the roof of the building to see what would happen to them.

Where’s my pillow?

2 thoughts on “Sleep Deprivation is fun”

  1. If you throw a penny off the top of the Empire State Building, it can actually kill a person. I am thinking gummy bears thrown from the 11th floor would cause a concussion or mild bruising.

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