Nabisco is great

How great are Oreo cookies? You eat an Oreo cookie because they taste so good. There’s nothing like them. Nabisco has a great scam going. They know the secret formula of sugar, flour, and chemicals that makes it so good. And they put it into the “Oreo shape” to add the joy of twisting the cookie. Every cookie is a new adventure.

But here’s the secret… Keebler has nothing on Nabisco because anyone can make chocolate chip cookies at home. You can even throw in M&M’s, improving on the elves’ weak chocolate candy Rainbow cookies. Let me ask you this… When was the last time Johnny invited you over to his house by telling you “My mom just made some Oreos. Wanna come over?”

The creator of the Oreo is a genius.

2 thoughts on “Nabisco is great”

  1. What do you think of the flavored creme Oreos? I really dig the mint ones, but you seem like a purist, so maybe I’m a heretic.

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