The free world is screwed

According to this article, Hurricane Isabel is causing some issues for the DC area public transit system. Just like a 4 centimeter snowstorm on a Saturday, it’s time for panic. WMATA will likely shut down the subway and bus service for Thursday in the DC metro area. Of particular interest is this passage:

“Initially the transit agency planned to continue underground service, but Farbstein said officials decided it would be easier to explain a systemwide shutdown, rather than a partial shutdown.”

The men and women who RUN THE FRIGGIN’ FREE WORLD live here. If they can’t figure out why only outside service is shutdown or whether or not their subway station is outside, we’re all fucked. It’s wind and water, not armageddon, so relax and go to work tomorrow. Keep America moving.

And you have enough, so leave the bread, milk, and toilet paper on the store shelves, you dumbasses.

4 thoughts on “The free world is screwed”

  1. And I thought Buffalo was ass backwards. The entire population of the city has to be buried in twenty foot snowdrifts before anything shuts down.
    A couple of years ago, there was a huge snowstorm (we like to call them “blizzards”) and the dumbass school superintendent didn’t close the city schools. ‘Cause it’s Buffalo and we’re tough and we know how to deal with snow.
    Since people in this city don’t know how to park their giant ass gas guzzling cars from the late 70s, the snowplows couldn’t get down the one way streets. And typically, heavy snow falls right before schools get out for the day. Yet the genius school bus drivers continued to attempt accessing the sidestreets in order to get the little munchkins to their warm, cozy abodes. This kind of decision making caused the majority of buses to get stuck in the snow. Surprise! When you try to navigate a gigantic school bus down a one way street covered in 2 feet of fresh snow, you will not be moving. Don’t they teach them that in school bus driving school? Some kids didn’t get home until the next day. Now they close the schools when one f’n flake hits the goddamn ground.

  2. No honey, try living in the South. We sold out of Duct Tape…three times at the local hardware store. The hotel next door to my clinic put enormous Duct tape X’s on the FIRST FLOOR windows. This does no good, but it seems to make everyone feel better. They also taped garbage bags around the lights at the pool. I guess someone had left over Duct tape and said, “Maybe if we put bags on those lights they won’t shatter when a rock hits them going 100mph.”
    There have been no D-cell batteries for about 4 days. Most people buy them and have no idea what they need them for(flashlights). People wait for hours for new shipments of generators. One local burned down his house yesterday giving his generator a “trial run.” There was, however, plenty of bread and milk when I went to WallyWorld to buy a birthday present this afternoon.
    This will be my 7th hurricane and I only leave if it gets above a Cat 3. The inland flooding makes it immpossible to get home. It’s not worth the headache. Here’s hoping DC survives it’s insanity. Here, we just drink when the kids go to bed.

  3. hey tony, what are you doin? You’re killin me here, you need to review my diary…its been on pending for weeks now….hahaha well whatever you are doing i hope you’re having fun doing it. Bye tony

  4. Thank god the federal government is only in charge of the free world and not of really important things like, say, Hokie football or the Miss America Pageant (Final Night and Crowning).
    Gotta run. I only have 7 gallons of milk so I must run out and buy more. I hear milk and bread have magical anti-weather properties.

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