Earthquake shame

I’m ashamed of my neighbors. We experience an earthquake and many of them feel the need to call the AM news station. And the newspaper. And the Po-Leece. I know the world was coming to an end, but what will the police do about rocks dancing across your patio?

I could forgive that, but none of you provided a quality disaster quote. (Will Thomas, you suck.) Instead of that silver medal quote I requested, I have to resort to juvenile innuendo for my entertainment. Regretfully, I present this to you:

Chris Glover was cooking at home in Fredericksburg. He didn’t feel anything, but his two daughters, 4 and 8, did.

“They came running into the kitchen and said, ‘Did you just make a big noise? Because the doors were shaking and all the birds outside flew away,’ ” said Glover, 40, a library system employee.


2 thoughts on “Earthquake shame”

  1. I thought the Buffalo News was lame with stories such as “Woman Arrested for Feeding Deer – May Face Jail Time”. I guess pathetic journalism exists everywhere, and not just in Western New York. Whatever Will Thomas is making…it’s too much.

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