The Bread-O-Meter

Just when you were afraid I’d gone soft with the sentimental skiing narration… (part three arrives later tonight)

Weather forecasting is generally an imperfect activity. I understand that. In Washington, DC, the local meterologists seem to use a Ouija board for their forecasts. Specifically, I watched the weather telecast on Fox 5 this morning.

Yesterday, the meteorologist predicted freezing rain and ice to follow the snow we’d already received. The forecast changed many times throughout the day, with a hedged revision always thrown in. The following is his morning monologue:

I guessed wrong on the ice yesterday, so I’ll be giving away an umbrella later this morning.

An umbrella? At least make it meaningful and give away cash. Better yet, how about this: if you screw up the forecast, you get into a pit and we watch you fend off a hungry lion. You get weapons, of course, but one of you dies.

I believe that idea could happen some day, except I know there’s some ass in Olney who can’t wait to get his free Fox 5 umbrella.

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