No one was planning to watch

The NFL has lost its mind. They axed JC Chasez from performing at the Pro Bowl halftime show because he might, maybe, could, sorta, possibly do something they don’t like. This is a great pre-emptive strike to protect the hearts and minds of the nation’s fragile citizens.

I understand that JC Chasez’s current single is Some Girls (Dance With Women). I didn’t know that before reading the article, but stick with me, I’m making a point. I’ve even seen him perform in person, so I know what kind of entertainment he can offer. See for yourself.

All of that should raise sufficient suspicion about his planned Pro Bowl halftime show. However, I suspect he’s smart enough to know that a repeat of the Super Bowl halftime show would be unwise. That makes this next statement nothing but action for the sake of action.

“The commissioner said Monday morning that we will change our policies and procedures as it relates to entertainment during our games,” league spokesman Brian McCarthy said. “This is immediate action that reflects that approach.”

Chasez responded through his record company with this statement:

“No one could be more disappointed than I that the NFL has canceled my halftime performance at the Pro Bowl this coming Sunday,” Chasez said. “I’ve told the NFL I understand the pressure that they are under since the Super Bowl.”

He should’ve told them to kiss his ass.

Even though he was cordial, he’s still going to have the last laugh. Anyone (me) who thinks the Super Bowl halftime show is a crapfest, wait until we see the sanitized Pro Bowl halftime show. My heart is fluttering at the thought of “200 hula dancers, 1,000 other dancers, drummers and a new song called Welcome to my Paradise“. That is the result of moral, indignant grandstanding.

If the NFL allows JC Chasez to attend the Super Bowl, at least he’ll be on hand to dry Paul Tagliabue’s tears when the Pro Bowl ratings come out. Maybe JC will offer his Burberry scarf for the task.

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  1. OOOHHH Tony, Sounds like someone is pissed! JC performed for us in Atlanta. But if I remember correctly I was busy doing someone oops something else. UUMM! What could that of been. Let me think> Oh Yea. Seeing the sexiest man with his hand Off his crouch and around this old BROAD!

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