I have an attention span

When I get ready for work in the morning, I watch music videos on MTV Hits, VH1 Classic, VH1 Mega Hits, and VH1 Country. I know it’s a bizarre concept, but I actually like videos more than Carmen Electra describing the shoes she wore to the Grammy’s. I’m old school like that.

Danielle woke me up to Joss Stone a few weeks ago, and I can’t stop listening to The Soul Sessions. Today, the video for “Fell In Love With A Boy” came on VH1 Mega Hits. I’ve seen bits of the video, but never from the beginning so I stopped putting my socks on and watched the video.

Correctly, the brilliant minds at VH1 Mega Hits decided that I’d like the video better if I could watch a giant white box cover the top right quarter of the screen. The regular networks haven’t gone far enough in their screen usage. I, the viewer, do not want a transparent network symbol in the corner of the screen. There is too much crap on television, so I’d rather watch something on top of the program. Instead of giving me the logo, VH1 Mega Hits offered me an “Inside Track” into Joss Stone that filled the quarter-screen white box.

In this beautiful box, I got a great bit of useful information. Specifically, I learned that Joss Stone has a big voice. VH1 has taught me that my eyes are a better judge of her voice than my ears. The mystery is revealed.

As a final ummph, VH1 offered this statement about Joss Stone in the wonderful white box: “Dusty Springfield, watch your back.”

That’s stupid. If I have to tell you why, please do a Google search for Dusty Springfield.

3 thoughts on “I have an attention span”

  1. I knew this song would be her first video! Why? Not because it’s her best song…I don’t believe it is. It’s because they probably think a White Stripes cover is the only hook that will turn the kiddies on to a real artist singing tunes that echo the jazzy, bluesy, passionate music of yesteryear. Music that came before 1980.

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