CNN, circa 1863

A few minutes ago, CNN ran a segment about today’s Democratic Primaries. The anchor posed the question of whether or not Southerners would be able to accept “the Democratic front-runner, Northerner John Kerry“.

I resent the implication that I would not vote for him because he’s a Northerner and I’m a Southerner.

Surveys of voters in Tennessee and Virginia have shown Kerry leading those races, despite being a Massachusetts Yankee running against two men with Southern roots.

I care about issues and ideas, not birthplace. Contrary to popular perception, I don’t still reminisce about the “War of Northern Aggression”.

3 thoughts on “CNN, circa 1863”

  1. Further proof that the media should stick to investigative journalism and not influence would-be nominees: The New York Times had the audacity a couple of weeks ago to write an editorial how Kucinich and Sharpton were ostensibly taking up valuable debate time and should drop out. I love when people tell me how to think. Bad enough our presidential debates will be between Bush and the Democratic nominee and will not include anyone from any of the third parties. It’s fucking 2000 all over again.
    And hey, you admitted your Suthin roots without flinching; I’m proud of you 😀

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