Unlike chocolate and peanut butter…

Yesterday afternoon, I put my shoes on just before I left to buy ski pants. This shouldn’t be a hard decision but you already know I’ve become a shoe whore for Chucks. With so many to choose from, I try to rotate which colors I wear so that no pair feels lonely for too long.

Realizing that I hadn’t worn the blue Chucks in a few weeks, I went with those. Everything is fine up until this point. I gathered some cds to take with me, my book in case I got lunch while I was out, and my fleece since it was a balmy 50 degrees yesterday. I put on the fleece and walked to my car. I got in my car, put the key in the ignition, and started the car. Then all mental hell broke loose.

Looking around the floor, I had a direct line from fleece to shoes. I had no idea how I’d let this happen, but I was wearing blue Chucks and an orange fleece. Unacceptable.

Orange and blue do not go together. It’s completely preposterous. No sane person would wear those colors together.

I had a brief but contested mental battle with myself. Yes, it was an abomination, but I would survive. The car was started and I was ready to leave. I decided to let it go. Just because I wore those colors once, no one was coming to revoke my Hokie status. Unless, maybe they were.

I turned the car off and went back into my house. Looking in the closet, I exchanged the orange fleece for the blue fleece. I went back to my car and drove off in peace.

In summary:

+ is Pure evil


+ is Acceptable


+ is Perfection

4 thoughts on “Unlike chocolate and peanut butter…”

  1. Ok you fussy metrosexual you! How is it that you ran back in the house to change “non matching” clothes when I (presumably a girl) wouldn’t go back in the house to get a pencil to take my Biology exam with? I just bought a pack at the liquor store and conned them into sharpening one for me.

  2. Hey Tony, Live dangerously. Mix and Match Baby! The most beautiful Birds I know wear those colors! Diana Thanks for this post. I didn’t have to come up with pithy comment!

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