You knew it was coming…

Virginia’s General Assembly believes that a Constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage should happen, preferably as soon as possible. My fear is that supporters will rush an amendment through Congress. If an amendment gets out of Congress and goes to the states, it will pass quickly. This scares me.

If this passes, the Constitution is going to read something like this: Bill of Rights, more rights, more rights, more rights, no alcohol, more rights, alcohol, more rights, more rights, definition of marriage. Regardless of a person’s belief about same-sex marriage, defining marriage in the Constitution is inappropriate.

As a result, I moved up my timeline for notifying my Congressmen and State legislators. I’ve sent the following letter to each elected official:

Yesterday, President Bush announced his support for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution. As a constituent of yours, I’m STRONGLY OPPOSED to any such constitutional amendment.

Our “leaders” have framed this debate around defending marriage against activist judges and politicians. Any potential amendment doesn’t defend marriage; it discriminates against a segment of our population. Amending the most sacred document in the United States to include discrimination and a reduction of rights is atrocious. It failed with Prohibition and it will fail again.

Also, with adultery and divorce still existent in America, I do not understand how barring same-sex marriage is the best and most-appropriate defense of marriage possible. It’s easy to attack a minority of the population. If you truly wish to defend marriage, use the Constitutional amendment process to outlaw adultery and divorce. Attack the majority and see how that works out for proponents of this potential amendment. Any potential amendment is not a defense of marriage.

Just because a group is in the majority doesn’t mean it’s correct. Slavery was “overwhelmingly” supported in America. Segregation was “overwhelmingly” supported in America. History has shown support for these to be morally wrong and history will reveal the same regarding support for any anti-same-sex marriage amendment. Same-sex marriage will not rip apart the fabric of society.

Currently, this issue is working its way through various courts in the United States. This is how we resolve legal questions in the United States. Any amendment banning same-sex marriage is a knee-jerk reaction to this situation that will only undermine the Constitution. It will also set an evil precedent that I fear will spiral into a rapid-fire attempt to amend the Constitution for any hot issue of the day.

Again, I wish to express my strong opposition to any such amendment. Do not vote for this if it comes before you for a vote. You are an elected representative of the people of Virginia, not an arbiter of moral correctness. An amendment to the Constitution should have overwhelming public support. Any proper gauge of this issue will show that overwhelming support does not exist for this amendment. Again, do not vote for this amendment.



I urge you to do the same.

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