It’s a simple game, really.

The Phillies are awful. We lost again today, in the home opener. I’m not giving up, but I sense impending disaster. When I wrote the script for the first 7 games of this season, it didn’t include 6 losses.

On Thursday, Danielle and I are going to Philadelphia to see the Phillies “play”. She’s never been to a Major League game, so I’d like it to be a good game for her. However, since I define a good game as a Phillies win, I’m a little worried. The new ballpark is nice, but losing sucks. I’ll have to buy her some cotton candy as a salve, but only if she buys me blinders and aspirin.

Even from DC, I can smell the “classic” Philadelphia smell surrounding the stadium complex. Sniff, sniff, sniff. As it wafts ungraciously into my nose, I’ve figured out the fragrance. It’s the scent of an in-progress 160-game losing streak.

2 thoughts on “It’s a simple game, really.”

  1. Oh Tony, Guess who signed a 9 year deal with the Cardinals? Hmm, Let me think! Oh gosh who could it be? Maybe Scott Rollin! Ps I think he is a CONSERVATIVE. LOL Diana

  2. Oh, you won’t have to listen to show tunes for two solid hours. You’ll have to listen to ME SINGING SHOW TUNES for two solid hours. Each way. And it will be a good game for me. Why? Because you’ll be there.

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