Moving forward to refocus

Explaining why the American judicial system is forcing renegade agendas upon America, Cal Thomas states his theory:

Cultural tsunamis, like those that begin under oceans, are caused by something deep within. When high water hits the shore, it is the result of a subterranean earthquake. When the state of Massachusetts last Monday (May 17) began offering marriage to people of the same sex, this “wave” was preceded by a seismic shift in the moral tectonic plates.

I doubt there’s anyone who will disagree with that. A “seismic shift in the moral tectonic plates” is a straight-forward observation free of any judgment as to what those moral tectonic plates should be. His explanation is more interesting.

The shift from personal responsibility, accountability, putting the greater good before personal pleasure, affluence and “feelings,” and what once was known as “the fear of God” began following World War II. Consumption and pleasure replaced self-control and acting on behalf of the general welfare.

How is denying same-sex marriage an issue of “putting the greater good before personal pleasure”? That statement from Mr. Thomas sounds like socialist propaganda. Because my neighbor doesn’t like it, I shouldn’t do something that will make me happy, something that does no harm? I know he’s not making such a broad argument, but that’s the way he’s framed it. That’s not democratic.

Equating Americans putting the greater good before personal pleasure is the same as “the fear of God”? America may be a “God-fearing” nation, but it can’t be governed by “the fear of God”. Civil law and religious law may cross paths, but it can’t be by design. Some religious principles are stricter than any democratic society can demand.

America must adopt civil equality where necessary, but that doesn’t mean everyone must partake of the new, renegade rights. As Mr. Thomas concludes, sometimes self-reflection is more appropriate than enforcing personal limitations on others.

“Pro family” groups have given it their best shot, but this debate is over. They would do better to spend their energy and resources building up their side of the cultural divide and demonstrating how their own precepts are supposed to work. Divorce remains a great threat to family stability, and there are far more heterosexuals divorcing and cohabiting than homosexuals wishing to “marry.” If conservative religious people wish to exert maximum influence on culture, they will redirect their attention to repairing their own cracked foundation. An improved heterosexual family structure will do more for those families and the greater good than attempts to halt the inevitable. A topical solution does not cure a skin disease whose source is far deeper.

While I don’t understand Mr. Thomas’s use of quotations for the word “marry”, since the same-sex marriages occurring in Massachusetts are as legal as heterosexual marriages, his desire for focusing on family stability rather than stopping what is going to continue happening is correct.

The beauty of America is that we can experiment with new public policy ideas. Some will fail, some will succeed, but the imperative and ability to improve is what makes our nation unique. Self-examination never hurt that endeavor.

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