Low expectations are easy to satisfy

What the hell is wrong with America? Most days, checking the news on the internet is my first productive task. Usually it’s just a scan of headlines to make sure the world still exists. If there’s nothing major, I’ll come back to the news later to get more details. Yesterday, there the news that President Reagan had died.

I’m not going to pretend that I idolized President Reagan since anyone who has read my writing can infer that. But he was a United States President and deserves the respect that we attach to the highest office in the America. Even though he hadn’t been in good health for a decade, this is a Big Story&#153.

He presided over an extremely prosperous time. While I suspect that the prosperity was more from his optimism than his economics, it happened on his watch. (For what it’s worth, I believe the same “optimism trumps economics” applies to President Clinton.) President Reagan spent Soviet Communism into the history books. Blah, blah, blah.

This story, as well as the 60th anniversary of D-Day, deserves the primary attention for the day. Yet, what do I see when I click on the President Reagan story?

Click for a sign of the apocalypse.

I understand that it’s Entertainment Tonight, but using the word “entertainment” doesn’t offer a free pass. If the story is worth covering, the legitimate “weight” of the story should matter. The death of President Reagan has heft. The marriage of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony is a useless trifle. At least President Reagan was more important than Mini-Me’s annulment.

2 thoughts on “Low expectations are easy to satisfy”

  1. I bow to your wisdom and forsite. My 29 year old son was or is a Reaganite. he loved the president for his wit, wisdom,principals, morals well you get the drift. It is always amazing to me how people from almost the same generation can have almost opposite opinions on almost everything. It is not just because of who his parents were either. As I have stated before I was bleeding heart liberal till I started my family. My father was a “yellow dog” Dem. I raised Trev as I raised the rest of my sons to “think” for themselves.And they do. We always had political discussions in my home. Any way! I agree J-Lo and whoever is in poor taste unfortunatly that is the sort of NEWS most of America adores! Wow this post is way to long! Diana

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