Shhh… we’re really cousins

At some point in the recent past, Danielle pointed me to the fine comedy stylings of The Sneeze. I’m grateful. Over the last month or so that I’ve been reading the site, I’ve laughed out loud. Catching up on the archives, I laughed. With each new post, I eagerly anticipate the joke. When there is no intended joke, I marvel at every interesting turn of phrase. In short, it’s good.

This morning, I checked for an update. When I saw the title “Reviews You Can Use: Identical Twins”, I laughed in anticipation after reading the first line. I quote:

The concept of identical people is an intriguing one.

Being an identical twin, I laughed. In a few paragraphs, a short list, and a final assessment, he mocks every person who has ever treated my brother and me as one person. People are always “shocked” when they see us together, until they get to know us. Then they realize how easy it is to tell us apart. Because we’re not “identical”.

I recommend The Sneeze. Too bad he doesn’t know that every cheeseburger my brother eats dumps another pound on my gut.