Blow the whistle, not the game.

Last night’s game was disappointing, but tremendous fun. There were Hokies everywhere. The atmosphere was lit up, just like the fans. We didn’t win, but we showed that we’re a better team than most people believed. Today, that is some consolation.

There are two quotes that explain the game better than I can:

“You can’t blame the officials,” [Coach Frank] Beamer said. “I thought it was kind of questionable. I thought it was a great play.”

When the officials call the game the way they did, it’s reasonable to blame them, but it’s not a complete explanation. This is the final piece:

“They played like the number one team in America in the sense that they capitalized on every mistake we made,” tailback Justin Hamilton said.

Turnovers or penalties, it didn’t matter. When we made a mistake, we paid for it. Usually we paid in points, but we always paid in some way detrimental. Against great teams, that leads to losing. Last night we didn’t have the killer instinct and USC did.

I still wore a Virginia Tech t-shirt today. Go Hokies!

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