I’m turning blue, fat, and furry

Liz Lovely is back from summer vacation and they bring cookies!

Your favorite cookie artisans are back! We’ve relocated to Vermont, built a brand new bakery, and just watched our first shipment of cookies head off to the distributor last week. It’s been quite a summer…

Start looking for your favorite cookies at your local retailers starting September 1st. And if they don’t have ’em… tell them you want ’em!

By my calculation, today is September 1st. That means that I might find some cookie joy at my local Whole Foods? Today? Oh, my.

Liz Lovely has many different cookies in its product list but the Cowboy Cookie&#153 is the choice of choices. All of the other cookies are workable, but they don’t match the goodness that is the Cowboy Cookie&#153. I have a new phrase for Cookie Monster: “CC” is for Cowboy Cookie&#153.

I’m going to gain so much weight over the next few months.

P.S. Click here to determine where you can find The Best Cookie On The Planet&#153.

4 thoughts on “I’m turning blue, fat, and furry”

  1. If Whole Foods doesn’t have them in stock yet, I’d say we’ve gone to hell for all the “derrrr”ing we’ve been doing over the past few days.

  2. I can’t believe neither of the two Whole Foods in Manhattan carries the brand. Two other natural food stores do, however, so guess I’ll make a trip to try some for myself.
    Oh, they have peanut butter with chocolate!! 😀
    And you couldn’t gain weight if you tried 😛

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