Hail to the Redskins

Version 2.0 of the Joe Gibbs era is underway. Consider this from an article in The Washington Post:

He is trying to motivate his players by rallying them around the notion that Washington was once a great franchise and that by emulating former Redskins stars this year’s team can have similar success. Barely a day goes by that Gibbs does not remind them of the greatness that once defined the franchise, of the honor they should feel wearing a Redskins uniform, of the uncommon bond between the team and its passionate fans.

That’s why Joe Gibbs is important to the Redskins. He brings the history and respect back to the franchise. We had some of that as a holdover when he retired after the 1992 season, but it dissipated soon after Norv Turner arrived in 1994. Coach Gibbs commands respect and will restore that (has restored it already) as it deserves. Consider:

“A true Redskin is a dedicated player,” cornerback Fred Smoot said, “a guy who is there all the time, everyday, a professional. We’re talking about a true athlete; you’ve got some athletes and then you’ve got a pure professional who you don’t have to worry about them. Hell, they can run the whole defense themselves because they know so much about what’s going on. Being a Redskin is being accountable for everything you’re doing, being a leader, speaking up for what you believe in and being yourself.

“We’re restoring it, man, because it’s a privilege to be a Redskin.”

It’s a huge privilege to play for the Redskins. I love the Redskins and I’m glad to see that there is a core of guys that understand that. It’s only going to get better under Coach Gibbs.

I’m not going to get overly optimistic since it’s still only week 1. Even in victory we made some mistakes that can’t continue, but this team looks solid. A balanced game plan, well-executed fundamentals, and an intensity that had been lacking for a decade are a trio of accomplishments that have Joe Gibbs’s signature stamped squarely on them. And the Clinton Portis adventure? The first time he touched the football, he scored a 64-yard touchdown.

God I wish I was in that game!

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