Fun with Google

To the kind folks who click to from Google, I say thank you. I don’t know what year the Nabisco rainbow chip cookies came out. I don’t know JC Chasez’s address. I don’t know if Clay Aiken is respected by other celebrities. I don’t even know how to compare NFL quarterbacks using linear regression.

Yet, I do have answers for a few of your questions. I know that England is better than America. I know how to grade on a curve, despite not proving it with an entry on (Ignoring the huge demand, I will not be write to explain how it’s done.) I even know what a Hokie is, which will surprise no one.

Most surprisingly, I’ve learned from you crazy people. Thanks to you, I now know that Kurt Nilsen is playing one date in the United States. He’ll be at The Birchmere on December 2nd. Danielle and I will be there. I suggest everyone do the same.

For entertaining and informing me, I thank all of you who use Google. But before you get too proud of yourselves, I love that people like you who I’ve never thought about can stumble upon my site and find that I’ve unknowningly mocked everything you hold sacred. God bless Google.

6 thoughts on “Fun with Google”

  1. And what about those who “stumbled” upon this website through – gasp! – actually having to know you in real life 😀 Egads!

  2. “And what about those who “stumbled” upon this website through – gasp! – actually having to know you in real life 😀 Egads!”
    Yeah, what he said!!! What about us?!? What does this say about US?!?
    Suddenly, I’m afraid.

  3. The beauty of Google is that I’m learning all about human psychology. Because you all know me, I already know you’re crazy, but that’s a complement. I’m more impressed that you would never request Google to tell you “where can I find pictures of nick lachey’s penis”. Would you? (Yes, that’s an actual search hit I’ve received…)

  4. Great to hear that theres another Kurtfan here. 🙂
    Kurt’s concert is now listed in the calendar of events at Birchmere’s website. It says:
    December 2004
    Kurt Nilsen “Winner of World Idol 2004!”
    Date: Thursday 12/2/2004
    Time: 7:30 PM
    Cost: $Free
    Buy Tickets
    Tony, I’m inviting you to visit at our website at for more updates.
    Moreover,Kurt will sing two songs at the lightening of the Norwegian Christmas tree in Union Station on Nov 30th.It’s the Norwegian embassy who has invited Kurt Nilsen to Washington.
    Have a great time at the concert! 🙂

  5. WoW !!! This is so wonderful!!! I am delighted to see more Kurt Nilsen fans in the area!!! …and, I am OUT OF MY MIND with excitement over Kurt’s performances in the USA in Washington, D.C….
    Tony & Danielle, I would love to meet you both at the Birchmere!!! Are you from the DC area?? I’m from the Eastern Shore of Maryland.. near Easton…
    I had the pleasure ( ecstacy) of seeing Kurt live in Stuttgart, Germany, and he was WONDERFUL.. He’s a delightful young man who really cares what we all think of his music! He took the time to sign the 9 cd’s I had for fans from the USA and Canada!!! …and to chat a while after the concert.. Just the most down-to-earth, REAL person you’d ever want to meet!!!
    Hope to meet you both.. and any other Kurt fans who are going to the concert !!!!

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