Thomas and Franklin become George

Did you know that if you insert a dollar bill into a vending machine and then insert extra coins before selecting your item, the vending machine will exchange your small coins for quarters?

I tried this on a whim when buying a pack of gum. At 60&#162 for the gum, my 40&#162 change would add to a pocket full of change. And I have an exhausting, never-ending need for quarters to pay for Metro parking every day since a day parked at a meter is cheaper than a day parked in the garage. Because the meters accept only quarters, I have an obsession that fosters creativity. So I put $1.10 into the machine and waited. I expected a quarter, two dimes, and a nickel to fall into the change slot. When I only heard two clinks, I did a mini mental dance.

The Evil Vending Machine Giver of Nickels and Dimes&#153 will never win again!

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