Martians are blinded by the bright light

President Bush shined tonight, but only from the flames of the giant fireball surrounding him every time the camera focused on him. Perhaps the armies of compassion could save him, but I doubt it. Senator Kerry finally started punching back when President Bush made ridiculous statements. Since this was on domestic agenda, Kerry proved that there was a fiscal liberal standing on the stage and he wasn’t it. I don’t agree with everything Kerry proposes, but I think he’s easily the better choice for the next four years. I’ll happily push the button for Kerry on November 2nd.

Your thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Martians are blinded by the bright light”

  1. Everyone I’ve talked to at work thinks Bush looked more presidential. I didn’t see it. He was a petulant child in the beginning and then he turned folksy as the debate progressed. That friendly doofus persona might work if he hadn’t changed his persona throughout all of the debates.
    Add to that Bush’s lack of answers to most questions, especially when he was chanting “No Child Left Behind” to every jobs question, and I don’t have the warm fuzzies if he’s re-elected. He clearly doesn’t have a grasp of what’s going on and, more importantly, how to solve the problems.
    Kerry isn’t perfect, but he’s better than Bush.

  2. Bush took his time with his statements, and while he was not as fast on his feet for answers as Kerry, he was more so than in previous debates. I agree that Bush doesn’t have a real grasp on the issues, or how to solve them, but from a pure debate stance, he fared better than he had; he must have been coached better.

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