Cowboy Cookies are better than Best Buy cookies

Dear Best Buy:

Your website is a disaster.

First, you require that I have cookies enabled to view any link on your weekly ad. Ignore that this will open my computer to any and all malicious attackers on the internet, this is excellent policy.

Next, when I load the weekly ad, on the rare occasions when the images load, they load the first half before stopping. I appreciate this because graphics are overrated.

Next, when the image on a page of the weekly ad fails to load, I must restart my browser. Even though clicking refresh would be easier, I appreciate that you’re looking out for the physical health of my fingers by requiring them to get that little extra exercise.

Finally, you bury the “Contact Us” link deep within the site map, leaving it off the front page. I can only assume you chose to do that because you needed the extra space for the essential “Conditions of Use” link, which is good because I don’t know how to use a webpage. This is helpful because my investigative skills were a little rusty, so having to dig around to find the link helped rejuvenate my mind.

Keep it up and I might start hiding my money in my wallet rather than handing it over to one of your wonderfully distracted cashiers. Of course, that would save the mouth-breathers the effort of putting the coins on top of the dollar bills, which I would miss. Because, you know, I really like having to juggle my change. It’s no fun if I don’t have the danger of dropping it all over the floor.


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