What’s next? Canceling Alias?

Dear ABC Sports:

Yes, I know that Miami is a good team, but when the Hokies can finish NO WORSE than ACC co-champions after this game, we do NOT have to go into Miami and “STEAL” the championship. That’s Miami’s task. Acknowledging that is unbiased journalism. You might consider practicing it.

Also, learn to pronounce the players’ names. And our university’s name is NOT pronounced as “Vah Tech”. It is shortened in writing as “Va Tech”, but it’s pronounced “VIRGINIA TECH”. When you spoke with the coaches and players, did anyone say Vah Tech? No. When you pronounce Va Tech as “Vah Tech” instead of “Virginia Tech”, you think you’re being witty but you’re just being ignorant. Stop being ignorant.

You can’t even keep the broadcast live because you’re experiencing technical difficulties. When was television invented? It’s 75 degrees and sunny in Miami today, so weather isn’t the issue. You should be ashamed.

At least I’m not having to listen to the stupid announcers.

Thank you Bite me,


5 thoughts on “What’s next? Canceling Alias?”

  1. What kind of idiot would pronounce it “Vah” Tech? Does anyone pronounce Georgia Tech, “Gah” Tech.

  2. Actually, I’ve heard the local Comcast Network sports anchor say Gah Tech. But that wasn’t national TV.

  3. We thought you might BE in Miami.
    We were picturing you and Danielle … adorned in Hokie gear … Well actually – you in Hokie gear and her shopping in South Beach for Prada shoes.
    Normally, I am a Miami fan, but today I say …
    Go Hokies!!!!

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