On the 24th day of Christmas

I’ve been away for a bit, but I got busy at work, then vacation came so it was time to step away from the computer for an “extended” break. (Just because my optometrist told me I need to step away from the computer occasionally doesn’t mean anything. Seriously, you guys, it doesn’t.) Over the last few weeks (fine, it was close to a month), life has been quiet. Thus, I stepped away. But I’m back now, and what better way to come back than open mockery of something sacred…

While visiting my family last week, Danielle and I saw this scene in the front yard of a house near my mom’s house. Behold:

Who knew that Santa visited Jerusalem?

I know a picture says a thousand words, but after “repent” and “materialistic” and “sinner”, I’m not sure what the other 997 words are that this picture is saying. Maybe it says something about how spry Santa is to still be traveling the way he is after 2000 years. Maybe someone could corner him and get a first-hand account of the birth of Christ.

3 thoughts on “On the 24th day of Christmas”

  1. Tony, I’ve missed your e-mail’s. I was thinking of you and Danielle today. Did you give her a ring? And It is none of my Beeswax is it? That picture speaks for it’s self. Even the Jolley Old Elf knows the true meaning of Christmas. Of course It could mean something else.

  2. I just noticed this…I love how the baby Jesus is lying in the bed of hay but swaddled in a fine white cotton blanket and onesie. WTF?????

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