Fifteen days until I don’t need a radio

The Phillies started our their Spring Training exhibition schedule today with an afternoon game against the Detroit Tigers. The results don’t matter, a stance I took even before we got thumped 9-1. What’s important is simple: baseball games are back. I heart baseball games.

Listening to the game today, I had a few observations as the game progressed. There’s no need to add any more description than what I wrote down during the game, so I present the list as it appeared in my mind. Behold:

What I love about Spring Training games:

  1. Harry Kalas and Larry Andersen
  2. Blaring police sirens in the background
  3. Cory Lidle giving up three runs in the top of the first inning of the exhibition season… and it matters to me
  4. The Phillies’ first run of the season delivered by the bat of Bobby Abreu
  5. Hearing Harry Kalas say it’s going to be tough to get a ball out of the stadium, immediately followed by calling a MAMMOTH home run by the Tigers
  6. Brett Myers loading the bases with a single and two walks… and it doesn’t matter to me
  7. Hearing Kenny Lofton (the ageless wonder?) going 2-for-2 in his first two at-bats
  8. When the Phillies make a mass substitution, not knowing who the new players are… and continuing to listen
  9. Hearing the first time this season that a foul ball slams into the radio booth
  10. Hearing the radio booth’s doorbell ring

I can’t wait until the Phillies lace ’em up tomorrow and do it all over again. \m/