It’s just not the same without the balloons

I want to comment on Michelle Malkin again, but this time it’s not a complete disagreement. Today, she posted a new Desecration of the Day. (Here’s the picture.) I agree with her basic premise that it’s important to highlight how some around the world disrespect/hate America. There’s no need to pretend that everyone loves us. It’s not true, so why hide from it? Show it every time it occurs, even though it’s not new information. But, and this is important, we need to remember that we’re not the cause, something Ms. Malkin ignores. Consider:

Here’s your regular, gasoline-drenched reminder of the latest MSM-induced desecration that won’t be getting front-page coverage

I enjoy that phrase: “the latest MSM-induced desecration”. Ms. Malkin is referring to the Newsweek fiasco, of course, but why stop there? It’s the whole mainstream media’s (MSM) fault. Or, more to the point, the liberal media’s fault. One poorly sourced/reported story and every future anti-American activity will be MSM-induced. Does that make sense?

Long before Newsweek screwed up, individuals around the world have burned the American flag. They’ve protested us. They’ve burned our presidents in effigy. This is not new. If nothing else, remember this: people with opinions like to be heard. (Hence, blogs. That I’m writing this for free indicates that I’m not immune.)

Yet, there’s a more fundamental value that conservatives supposedly hold above most others. I thought Ms. Malkin would maintain this. I assume she still agrees with it, but it’s lacking in the phrase “MSM-induced”. What happened to personal responsibility?

If I walk up to someone and say “I hate you and I hate your ass face,” would that person be absolved of assault if he punched me in the face? No? Why not? Just because someone is offended does not offer liability-free vindication to respond in whatever manner feels desirable.

Yes, the mainstream media screwed up and reported “facts” that portray America badly. (Newsweek, really, but I’ll stick with Ms. Malkin’s MSM generalization.) Don’t the flag-burners have the choice of how to respond? If they choose to riot or burn flags, is that really “MSM-induced”? Yes, it sets the conditions, but unless the reporter provides the matches and the flag, the flag-burner must retain ultimate responsibility for his actions.

But you already knew that. It just doesn’t sell very well among the “with us or against us” and “blame liberals” crowd.


On a related “with us or against us”, “blame liberals” lesson, this post is 100% spot-on. Read it and know the truth.