Will liberals have to speak French, since they’re not really Americans?

Hey, look who’s back in the friendly orange-and-maroon glow of RollingDoughnut.com, it’s Michelle Malkin. But this time, I’m not so much disagreeing with her as I am pointing out a subtle intellectual sleight of hand that she shares with many conservatives. It’s even something I’ve written about in the past. So, journey with me to Ms. Malkin’s latest Townhall.com column. Consider:

Where are they? Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are the supermen of the civil rights establishment — able to leap tall buildings in a single bound to get in front of a picket line. When victim politics calls, the demagogic duo leap into patented action: March. Boycott. Shakedown. Repeat.

But the raging reverends are nowhere to be found as a scandal involving the liberal radio network Air America and a Bronx, N.Y.-based inner city charity for poor children brews. Why the silence?

It’s all about the Benjamins, as they say.

Right, okay, fine. I’m intrigued and so far, not disagreeing. Can you believe that? I might be intellectually open enough to not spew one party’s lines on every issue. Hmph. And shocker, Michelle Malkin isn’t always wrong. Wow, it just shakes my political brain into little more than the aftermath of ice in a whirring blender. No intellectual sleight of hand so far. Let’s continue.

First, a summary of the financial fiasco that the liberal media won’t touch: The New York City Department of Investigation has been probing allegations that officials of the nonprofit Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club and one of its affiliates, Pathways for Youth, approved “significant inappropriate transactions and falsified documents that were submitted to various city agencies.” The charities receive large portions of their budgets from local, state and federal government grants. At the center of the controversy is Evan Montvel Cohen, the disgraced former chairman of Air America, who was in charge of the liberal radio network at the same time he was serving as Gloria Wise’s director of development.

Where to begin? Right, so Air America allegedly stole money from charity. Worse, they allegedly stole money from kids. Worst, they allegedly stole money from black kids. Ack. Can’t trust those liberals, can we? They’re nothing more than bastard people. Let’s all say it together. You bastards!

And yet, I missed the memo that said if one liberal allegedly steals money, all liberals are guilty of said (alleged) crime. And it’s especially heinous because no conservatives ever stole money. Of course, it still must come back to one point, which is in the column, as well as virtually every post Ms. Malkin has written in the last few months. I don’t even think it’s hidden well, but I’ve gotten used to spotting it in almost every rant from Ms. Malkin. It’s that phrase, the “liberal media”.

I admit, though, I’d expected to see MSM written in the article. Every argument seems to focus on the dangers of the liberal mainstream media and its unhealthy, unpatriotic bias against America. Blah, blah, blah. There’s a truth that conservatives such as Ms. Malkin, the ones who gleefully toss out “MSM” at every opportunity, want everyone else to ignore. Their perfect world would include only a media with a conservative bias. None is suggesting an unbiased media, just one that doesn’t skew left. I fail to see how that is better than their current complaint.

In the past I’ve written that there is no inherent liberal bias in the mainstream media. I’m afraid I haven’t been as micro-focused as I should have. There is most certainly a bias at specific mainstream media outlets. Organizations such as the New York Times, CNN, and The Washington Post all possess some degree of it. And I’m sure there are countless others that individuals on any location of the right will name. Go for it, but what does it achieve?

In an earlier post, Ms. Malkin writes this about the Air America scandal:

Despite the near-total MSM blackout, this story just keeps getting more and more interesting.

Yet, she can legitimately write this in her Townhall.com column:

The New York Sun’s David Lombino reported this week…

Wait, there’s a media outlet that isn’t liberal, or at least is willing to report this story? Holy crap, Batman! I wonder how Fox News and The Washington Times have treated this story? And maybe Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, and Sean Hannity? I bet they’re doing nothing more than presenting the facts.

Every time someone complains about the MSM, it knocks the credibility of all news/media outlets. What happens when we need them to serve the most important purposes of journalists? (Yes, I may be assuming a lot in imagining that journalists can focus on real issues rather than the latest missing woman.) There is a difference in attempting to reform bias, liberal or conservative, and throwing verbal Molotov cocktails of derision at anyone with a microphone or printing press who dares to share a liberal opinion. The former is a necessary safeguard in the advancement of freedom and truth. The latter is little more than planting a partisan wedge of mistrust in society for the extension of a rigid ideology.

I wonder which choice the newly idealized version of our founding fathers that Rick Santorum so cheerfully invokes would choose, if offered the decision?