At the end of the drive the lawmen arrive

I don’t get e-mails, because I think I’d have to put my e-mail address on this site, but I do get Google searches. Here’s a jaunt through some of my most recent unexpected visitors. Enjoy.

“dale murphy” – Rock!

“santa and jesus” – I can only assume someone meant to type “South Park” and it came out as “santa and jesus”. At least, that’s what I hope happened. Otherwise, someone has some serious explaining to do.

“finger paint” – “I’m eight years old, if I want to finger paint, then I’m gonna finger paint.” Eric Cartman is always solid.

“borrowing wifi against the law” – Right, so if it’s against the law, that means it’s stealing, not borrowing.

“a crushed heart” – Wow. I don’t even know what to say to that. I’m sorry?

“prince and apollonia kissing” – I know what to say to that. Just say no. I’ve seen Purple Rain; you should spare yourself the pain. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

“obsessed with her legs” – I’m intrigued. You’re not interested in any legs, but hers specifically. Who is “her”? What’s so special about her legs? Share with the Internets.

“doughnut porn” – Oh, I guess now I know how those chocolate doughnuts get covered in that sugary glaze.

One thought on “At the end of the drive the lawmen arrive”

  1. “Away in a manger, no crib for MY bed…”
    “Up on the housetop click click click,
    Down through the chimney came good old ME!”

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