The kitty, he attacks the wall with his claws

Danielle directed me to an interesting post at Animal Writings about vegans and vegan cats. The article is interesting but Danielle specifically pointed out one portion that’s very interesting. Consider [emphasis added]:

Researching cats became a cascade of disturbing and unsettling discoveries. First I found out about declawing, robbing a cat of an integral part of his body and lifestyle. I found out that in most countries the procedure was illegal or de-facto outlawed on animal cruelty grounds, vets almost unanimously despise it, and as a consequence so did cat owners. But in this country, vets not only performed the procedure at practically the drop of a hat, but often actually recommended it and gave scant or little information about humane alternatives such as multiple, well-located, sturdy scratching posts, or SoftPaws nail caps. I quickly learned about the multiple benefits of embedded scratching with claws, and the myriad ways in which cats used their claws. Claws are a part of a cats skeletal and sensory system. I couldn’t believe that people would so callously lop them off.

Hmmm, I wonder what comparison I could make with that excerpt?

2 thoughts on “The kitty, he attacks the wall with his claws”

  1. Even before I was vegan, I was opposed to declawing. It is a barbaric and inhumane practice. I always likened it to having your fingertips removed at the first knuckle. Declawing cats is unnecessary and cruel and it should be illegal in this country. I can’t believe I didn’t make the connection between declawing and circumcision sooner, because it couldn’t be clearer. Gary’s post over at Animal Writings (an excellent blogger) was the proverbial light bulb.
    Our country, though great, has much work to do in the line of human and animal rights, on so many levels. Discouraging at times, yes, but I’m heartened by the blog entries, comments and emails I read that indicate to me that some of us are still on the right path. That’s better than none, after all.

  2. Thanks for the mention, and pointing out the typo (since corrected). Excellent post on Pres. Bush’s response to the hurricane.

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