The megahorn batteries are dead

How can anyone write this recap of a briefing by Rep. Tom DeLay and not comment on his “ongoing victory” nonsense?:

Raising taxes would kill jobs, choke off investment, and stifle economic growth. That’s not exactly a recipe for the kind of economic renewal that region so desperately needs.

Instead, I hope some of the money can be the product of spending sacrifices elsewhere in the federal budget.

There are programs all over the federal budget that are bloated or wasteful or inefficiently using the funds we provide them, and I’m very interested in identifying them.

We can fund this relief effort without raising taxes or wasteful spending – and it’s up to us to do just that.”

He stated that there are bloated, wasteful, and inefficient programs in the federal budget and this doesn’t warrant even an afterthought about his stupidity? Being a partisan shill must be very relaxing some days since the intellectual lifting is so light.

2 thoughts on “The megahorn batteries are dead”

  1. And the Left have suggestions? Just curious. Bitch,bitch no solutions just bitch,bitch,bitch!!!
    Am I pissed hell yea!

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