Will there be “Raaaaaaaar”?

You’re excited, correct? I know I am. After four long months, Alias returns tonight! (ABC, 8pm)

When we left off last season, Sydney and Vaughn were driving along the highway. Vaughn began to reveal a secret to Sydney involving him not being who she thought he was. In classic Alias fashion, the pregnant pause (the pun was too easy, I had to take it) between setup and punchline turned into SMACK as another vehicle t-boned our heroes. Doh! I wonder if they’ll live?!?

Alias underwent “changes” in the time off, as we now know. Future Senator Ben Affleck made it unavoidable that Agent Vaughn knocked Sydney up sometime last season, presumably in some post-Zombie celebratory bliss. I have qualms about this development because I remember the disaster that befell Mad About You when Paul and Jamie got a little too friendly, but I’m optimistic. J. J. Abrams has never let me down in four seasons of Alias (or in one-point-one seasons of Lost or four seasons of Felicity), so I think he’ll pull off the rare feat of adding a baby/pregnancy to a show and not ruining the show. I’m hopeful. I believe.

I know where I’ll be in four hours. You should be there, too.

One thought on “Will there be “Raaaaaaaar”?”

  1. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually excited about this season’s opener. The RAAAAAAAAR factor from last season was what sucked me in.
    Just be aware that the excitement does not preclude constant ear jokes.

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