Propaganda will broadcast in digital

Following up on yesterday’s post, here is further proof that Senator Ted Stevens is a hack. When his shameful subsidy bill passed the Senate Commerce Committee (19-3!), the bad senator offered this stupid comment:

“We take the position that, if we’re mandating this conversion, we cannot leave people behind,” said Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, the committee chairman.

Maybe you shouldn’t be mandating this conversion. And being without a television isn’t like being without food, shelter, or an education. The kids will survive.

The House passed a separate bill, but before we think they’re any better for authorizing only $1 billion, consider what representatives consider wise:

Like the Senate bill, the House measure would subsidize $40 per converter box. It would cover up to two boxes per household.

Some House Republicans had said they wanted to subsidize boxes for low-income consumers only. Democrats, though, said it would be a nightmare to carry out such an income test.

To limit costs, the House bill would force consumers to request subsidy coupons from the government. But Democrats have complained that few people would seek a subsidy if it’s a hassle.

Seriously, these are the brightest people we can elect? Two televisions? I guess it’s too much of an impact on the American lifestyle to watch one television.

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  1. Oh, for god’s sake.
    Also, is it wrong that every time I read the word “consider” in a blog entry, “Consider Yourself” breaks out in my head?

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