Some thinking required

Yesterday, I wrote about the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act. I discussed the economic stupidity of the scheme, making it clear how I thought it should work. In the comments to that post, I received the following from BrStarr:

So you don’t care if Boston, New York or LA gets blown up?

Who do you think pays enough taxes so that you farm belt people can have your huge subsidies?


I responded, though sadly only in comments, since BrStarr left no contact information.

Read through the archives and you’ll find that it’s no secret that I live in the Washington, DC metro area, which I do not believe is in the farm belt. I acknowledge that I face greater risk living here. As such, my cost to insure my life, health, and property will likely go up, if the private insurance market is paying attention. I accept that, as well as believing that the farm belt should not have to pay it since they don’t live here and didn’t force me to live here. And if I showed you my tax bill, you’d realize that I’ve “earned” the right to get a “favor” from Congress. I’d rather have lower taxes and a private insurance market, but that’s the crazy libertarian in me.

As to the other points, no, I don’t want to see Boston, New York, or LA blown up. I’ve been to all three cities and like them well enough that I’d like to be able to revisit them.

And I don’t like farm subsidies. I’d rather pay the price at the supermarket than at the Treasury. Either way, I’m paying. Crazy me, I think the market can do it better. Also, as a vegan, I benefit little from subsidies for beef, chicken, milk, etc. Again, my personal choices. And the private market could handle them.

Today’s lesson: don’t call me a hypocrite until you have facts. Have a day.

I should’ve added that the leap in assumptions to go from me saying that terrorism risk insurance should be private to believing I’d belittled the threat of destruction to three of our largest cities is gargantuan, but no matter. Criticism with no basis is easy to dismiss when I know I’m right. But I’d be a fool to think I’m always right. I know that I’m sometimes misguided due to imprecision or accusing too broadly. Sometimes, I’m sure I’m even wrong. That’s okay. I’m writing as much to figure out what I believe as I am to inform and convince.

If I just wanted to enjoy my writing without criticism, I wouldn’t have comments. They’re open on every post, and I welcome responses. If I’ve said something stupid, inaccurate or incomplete, I’m willing to listen to alternatives. I’ll respond if appropriate. As much as I want to influence opinion, I want to learn more. Read through the archives and I think you’ll notice the same progression in my thinking and expressing that I’ve noticed.

I know my opinions challenge some who read this site, and you express it from time to time. I don’t expect anyone to comment just to comment. But if you think you have a better way of looking at something, say so. The ideas and principles are more important to me than being right all the time.