You will be watching, right?

The fine folks at ABC must wonder why Alias isn’t drawing the ratings they’d like. Aside from the obvious (ummm, have you noticed Jennifer Garner in the first 7 episodes?) and the not-so-obvious (where the hell is Rambaldi this season?), could it have something to do with incompetent network executives? Perhaps hyping the show’s move return to Wednesday nights (at 10pm) following ratings juggernaut Lost would be a better idea if ABC planned a new episode of Lost tonight. Reading The Internets would be enough to let them know that fans are bored with the pace of Lost this season. Viewer motivation will be so much less with a repeat lead-in. But they can continue saying that Alias is a disappointment because fans haven’t flocked to it.

My feeling on the future of the show is simple. Fine, the show’s ending, they can use whatever excuse makes them feel better. I’ll manage. (I’ll actually be in the fetal position on Sunday Wednesday Thursday Wednesday nights, but still…) Allow Alias to resolve the Rambaldi issue and all will be right with the world. Also, bring back Vaughn, since he can’t be dead. Do that and I’ll remember ABC fondly in the future when I’m not watching on Sunday Wednesday Thursday Wednesday nights.