Overdue site maintenance

Short version: http://www.rollingdoughnut.com/index.xml now offers the full-content RSS feed.

Long version: I’ve been detail-challenged with the underlying technical aspects of my site. Content to trust Movable Type to format everything correctly, I never noticed that the “Syndicate this site (XML)” link actually directed the RSS feed to index.rdf. I haven’t gotten into any depth on RSS, other than utilizing for reading blogs and news. In Mozilla’s Thunderbird, I had full content on every post, whether I used index.rdf or index.xml. I never tested the RSS feed to see what it would do in other aggregators. I should have.

Since I read The Internets from multiple locations, I decided I needed a web-based aggregator. I settled on Newsgator and migrated my list of blog and news feeds during Friday’s snow day. I tested my site since I noticed a few differences among various feeds to which I subscribe. My feeds (index.rdf and index.xml) consisted of 40-word excerpts rather than full content. I fixed what should rightly be described as an unknown, ongoing problem. The index.xml feed is now full content. If you subscribe by RSS, change your link from the index.rdf link to index.xml if you want the full content in your aggregator. (I haven’t figured out how to fix the index.rdf feed yet, so only index.xml is full content.)

If none of that made sense, ignore everything and keep reading in whatever way makes you happy.