What to do when excuses run out

Watching Monday’s Annual Virginia Tech Invitational Gator Bowl, Marcus Vick’s disgusting behavior, intentionally stepping on Elvis Dumervil’s knee after a play ended, angered me. At Virginia Tech, we do not condone or engage such thuggery. I expect our Athletics Director, Jim Weaver, to deal with this harshly. Giving the finger to WVU fans earlier in the season was inappropriate, but mostly funny. For this, Vick should be suspended.

I assume Mr. Weaver will suspect Vick for the first game of next year’s season, but I’d be just as content if he suspended Vick for next season. Given that Vick only has one more year of eligibility, that would mean he’d have to declare for the NFL draft in April. Let’s see how well that kind of nonsense is rewarded, especially after including Vick’s prior off-field incidents and his poor play in the two big games he played as a starter this season. I’ve defended him through everything, and even believed he’d matured because he spent last season with his brother in Atlanta. I’ll never abandon a Hokie for poor play, but this is unacceptable and pisses me off. Ass.

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  1. I was still in the stands when that happened – a lot of people missed it because they didn’t show the replay and it happened so fast – but my boys and I saw it – it was uncalled for – and the Louisville fans didn’t appreciate it either.

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