I didn’t know I’m a gay loving liberal professor

In my circumcision posts, I’ve certainly been angry at times. However, I’ve always told the truth. I deal in facts because I’m willing to think and am capable of making up my own mind. I trust others to do the same, but some people aren’t quite so willing. I read this editorial the other day, arguing against circumcision with valid support. When I saw that the site allowed feedback posts, I knew it would get interesting. I replied to a few posts that contained either inaccuracies or lazy thinking, but one message deserves no response, because arguing logic and reason would be useless. Consider the wonderful comment left by Lee from Omaha:

Freaking Liberals can’t stay out of the bedroom. Where do they get off saying this time tested procedure isn’t necessary. Of course it has health benefits and makes men more attractive, but NO, they have to think alnatural. The gay loving liberal professors ought to just let folks be and not worry about natural things. If they need to do something, have them figure out why Homosexuals can’t be converted to Heterosexuals. With all the problems in the world, like being homosexual, why do liberals think they need to stick their God hating noses into our bedrooms?

I wonder if godhatingnaturalgaylovingliberalprofessor.com is still available. That would be even more descriptive for me than if I used my own name. Even people who don’t know me would know how to find me immediately.

Sometimes, people scare me.

One thought on “I didn’t know I’m a gay loving liberal professor”

  1. My favorite stat (which I have to admit I’m not 100% sure is accurate):
    More people have died from circumcision in the last 20 years than from terrorism. It’s a dual purpose argument fight circumcision and the “whatever-it-takes” stance on terrorism.

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