I was much angrier last night

Last night I tried to put a few songs onto my iPod. Unlike every other experience, last night’s attempt became a debacle. iTunes refused to transfer any songs until I’d installed the latest firmware update to my iPod. I downloaded the update (iPod Updater 2006-01-10) and installed it as recommended. Unlike the intended effect, Apple’s update hosed my iPod’s hard drive. Outstanding. Now, not only do I still have to transfer those few songs I’d intended to transfer last night, I have to transfer every song that was already on it since I had to reformat the hard drive to make my iPod work again.

Today’s lesson: Do not install iPod Updater 2006-01-10. It will corrupt your iPod’s hard drive.

2 thoughts on “I was much angrier last night”

  1. Another bug (that I ran into)– the 01-10 update will cause videos to lose sound after about 30secs. They’ll re-sync if you jog them, but it’ll just happen again in another 30secs. Very annoying.
    A friend claims (unverified rumor!) that this is due to fractional differences in expected and actual frame rates (eg, 29.97 vs 29.967 or such).

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