Shoot the lumbering dinosaur

I’ve mentioned in the past that I listen to Howard Stern and that I was a Sirius subscriber and stockholder long before Mr. Stern announced that he’d signed with Sirius. In the entries I’ve written, I’ve mostly exhausted what I could say about CBS’s frivolous lawsuit against Mr. Stern. Here’s a snippet of what I wrote when Infinity (owned by CBS) suspended him in November:

Free commercials are wonderful, but that’s what makes this suspension laughable. He’s been ranting about this or that offense by the FCC and/or K-Rock since almost the moment Sirius announced his new deal. Why would Infinity wait until now to suspend him? If they didn’t like it, they should’ve stopped it immediately, whether through an order or suspension. Waiting until now, more than a year later, Infinity looks stupid.

With this new lawsuit, I can’t imagine the words I need to mock CBS sufficiently.