Like a President Bush veto threat, only more ridiculous

If Rep. Tom Davis wants to be involved in baseball so badly, he should retire from Congress and apply for a job with Major League Baseball or one of its teams. Instead, we’re stuck with more meddling in affairs that have nothing to do with him or his supposed authority to conduct hearings anywhere on any topic he wants.

The Virginia Republican, the chairman of the House Government Reform Committee, spoke to a crowd in front of RFK Stadium, where elected officials from across the region gathered to denounce Comcast’s refusal to carry the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network, the regional network created by Baltimore Orioles owner Peter Angelos and Major League Baseball.

Comcast, which currently carries Orioles games on Comcast SportsNet, sued [Orioles owner Peter] Angelos, contending that he improperly terminated the Orioles’ contract with Comcast. A Montgomery County, Md., judge dismissed the lawsuit, but Comcast is appealing.

Davis said his staff would meet with officials from Comcast, Major League Baseball and the Orioles in the coming days to try to resolve the problem. But he warned that congressional hearings might be necessary if informal talks fail.

Why might they be necessary? Explain to me why the House Government Reform Committee feels that a dispute between two television networks and a baseball team falls under its jurisdiction. Show me how this isn’t a power grab or indulging in a fetish. I’m waiting.

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