Blinded by one part of a three-part equation

I’m sure Congress is quaking in its collective boots at President Bush’s latest threat:

President Bush said Friday he would use his power to veto spending bills if Congress does not cut the federal budget as he has asked.

In over five years in office, Bush has never vetoed any bill. But he said that restraining spending was crucial to cutting the deficit in half by 2009 as he has promised. “If necessary, I will enforce spending restraint through the exercise of the veto,” the president said.

Whew, that lightened my mood, washing the filth of warrantless wiretapping out of my immediate concern. Thankfully, the gut-busting continues:

“Our economy grows when the American people make the decisions about how to save, spend and invest their money,” he said. “To keep our economy creating jobs and opportunity, Congress needs to show its trust in the American people and make the tax relief permanent.”

Maybe President Bush should encourage the Congress to trust the American people in various endeavors where it not disobeys the Constitution treats citizens as immoral, incompetent children. It’s quaint, I know, but I think I’ll bring this quote back as the election year heats up and the Federal Marriage Amendment inevitably returns.