Yet another reason to hate Yahoo

As I’ve written in the past, I hate Yahoo. They’ve stolen money from me, and generally treated me poorly. I’ve mostly managed to avoid dealing with their awful product since abandoning my e-mail account with them. However, today I returned to check a tv listing for tonight after my primary source failed. I could report a success, because I found what I was looking for, but Yahoo is involved. They had to screw it up somehow. I should’ve expected it.

I’ve read headlines hinting at recent television news suggesting a plot spoiler for Lost. I hate spoilers and I love Lost, so I chose to avoid clicking through to the stories every time I encountered them today. Every news source complied with the logic that viewers might want to avoid knowing, so they left all the juicy details inside the story. Perfectly reasonable. Except in Yahoo logic.

On its main page, Yahoo felt compelled to give away the spoiler in its sub-headline for the story, because the headline wasn’t enough, I guess. Since they gave it away, I clicked through to see how they presented the information.

Try as the Lost writers might to keep a lid on series-shifting spoilers, when [ed. note: possible spoiler deleted].

(SPOILER ALERT: If you aren’t interested in hearing about a [possible spoiler deleted], read no further. And avoid the Internet for the next four weeks.)

A little late now, you think? The only solution now is to avoid Yahoo for the next four forevers. Idiots.