It would be very ironical

Is it wrong that I hope there’s some serious embezzling occurring at this bank branch? Just to teach them a valuable lesson early on…

There’s a bank in Nate Folger’s Fairfax elementary school. A real one. Never mind that the teller is a fifth-grader and many deposits come from tooth fairy funds — it’s one way a nation of non-savers and big spenders is trying to teach the next generation to do better at finances.

It might be working: Nate, 10, recently plunked a rumpled $5 bill onto the counter of the new Sunrise Savings Bank and walked away with a deposit slip.

He earns about $4 a week in allowance — for setting the table and putting his clothes away — but he has a plan.

“It’s pretty tempting to spend,” Nate said. “But every week I’m going to deposit $2 and keep $2 so I can watch it grow and grow and grow.”

I’m not serious, naturally, but it would be funny. Not HAHA funny. Okay, actually, it would be HAHA funny, because then we could combine the lesson on personal finance with the lesson on how Congress treats taxes. Two birds with one bazooka.