A question for readers

I’m very passionate about the Phillies, although my interest in this season is rapidly waning. We’re losing at an alarming pace, playing horrible baseball. I’ve commented that we look worse than little leaguers on more than one recent occasion. Pitcher Brett Myers exacerbated that on Friday when he was arrested early that morning on a street corner in Boston. I’m not going to provide details, because it’s not really my business. I’m not interested in the gossip/gawking aspect. My question for you is this: would you have suspended Myers if you were Phillies management?

As expected, with Philadelphia phans a notoriously opinionated bunch, the phlogosphere went nuts. Calls for his suspension, trade, or dismissal arose. The general sentiment is that spousal abuse is an unforgivable offense. Duh. But… he’s still presumed innocent, no matter how compelling the evidence. Shouldn’t that matter? I think it does, which is why I’m not angry or disgusted with the Phillies for saying and doing nothing, or for letting Myers pitch Saturday afternoon.

So, I’m interested in some impartial opinions from you, who aren’t avid fans. Should the Phillies have taken action against Myers immediately after his arrest?

P.S. The Phillies and Brett Myers announced yesterday that he’ll take a leave of absence from the team until mid-July at least. Forced by public opinion? Probably, but I don’t know. It doesn’t change my opinion.

Update: I didn’t test the site enough before resuming activity. The comments link isn’t working. Until I fix the comments, if you click the permalink, you can comment there with no problem.