Like a burglar returning your DVD player

I received a surprise in the mail yesterday. It seems I overpaid my taxes, so the United States Treasury sent me a sizable check, with interest, for my overpayment. I’m surprised because I use tax software to prepare my tax return. A card accompanying the check promised an explanatory letter in the near future, so I await that. I can’t imagine what I could’ve missed, but I’m shocked by pleased with the government’s honesty. Sweet.

The smart thing to do is to stick it in my 401(k), not to treat it as found money as so many do when receiving their expected tax refund. I advise that ad nauseam, so using this to justify some unplanned expenditure would be hypocritical. That might save me, too, because I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s a government trick. Give taxpayers a whole bunch of money back, expecting them to spend it, thereby rescuing the economy. After that, just follow up with an “Oops, you were right all along, please return what you owe.” But politicians would never do such a thing. Would they?

Anyway, I must be the favored class that progressives complain about. Clearly President Bush himself is looking out for me. Wait until he finds out I don’t live in Texas and won’t contribute this check to his party’s Permanent Majority Fund. Sucker.

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