Does this sound familiar?

Remember, the argument is that male and female circumcision are not the same, despite evidence that justifications are often the same.

Although female genital mutilation among the Pokot is a threat to girls’ education girls are keen to undergo it, the district Vice- Chairperson in Charge of Children Affairs, Ms Helen Pulkol, has said.

In her view, parents sometimes influence the practice, but the girls too are interested in the practice and are inspired more by peers.

I’m in no way objecting to Ms. Pulkol, as the article later explains that she’s working to end female circumcision. It’s just useful to remember that cultural influence is powerful, and when parents start with irrational adherence to the opinion of others instead of logical acceptance of normal anatomy, harmful practices and violations continue. Change female to male and Africa to America and the argument remains unchanged. That isn’t a sweeping revelation, of course, but it is another data point demonstrating that violations of genital integrity are not unique to one gender.